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Medical center booking

Have a city break in OSTROVA hotel, recover your health and gain strength.

Individual consultation by a doctor in the hotel enables you to make use of the most advanced therapy methods, powerful opportunities of contemporary clinical diagnostics and services provided by the newest medical facilities of Zapolyarye resort hotel. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the best resort hotels in Russia.

Particular pride of the resort is a diagnostic laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. Here you can complete full diagnostic: general, biochemical, ultrasound, functional, X-ray. The most recent diagnostic equipment allows to reveal most of diseases at the earliest stage. The resort specializes in prevention and treatment of the following diseases: cardio-vascular system, nervous system, locomotive system, and respiratory system.

You can undergo the resort treatment of: arthrosis, psoriasis, osteochondritis, diabetes mellitus, infertility, spine diseases; cleanse your body from salt and slag, rise immunity, get rid of excess weight, recover physical strength and receive recommendations from leading experts in treating your condition.

Reasonable organization of health resort treatment means, first of all:

  • visiting doctors without queues,
  • modern clinical equipment,
  • qualified medical staff,
  • children's playroom for the patients' children to be used during the procedures.

By strict adhering to the individual approach, our specialists will choose a health-improving regimen, while comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff will help you relax, relieve stress and fatigue.

MEDICAL PROGRAM for stays of 10 days and longer in the spa hotel

Please find more detailed information about the Zapolyarye resort hotel medical center as well as about the prices for the medical services on the website http://www.zapolarye.ru/sanatorium_treatment